Cheeky Chocolate Stout

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What IF...we combine caramel, sea salt and chocolate in a rich and full stout? Than you get the Cheeky Chocolate Stout! We used chocolate and caramel from patisserie Soetenso, famous in Leiden for their bonbons, chocolates, cakes and more. We personally imported the traditionally made sea salt from the beautiful bay of Cádiz in southern Spain. The moment you put the glass on your lips you will smell a combination of the chocolate and caramel. With the first sip you will experience the full body, the dark chocolate bitter and slight salty aftertaste. Forget about dessert.. take a Cheeky Chocolate Stout!

Beer details
Beer style Stout
Alcohol% (ABV) 7.9%
Beer color (EBC) 100
Malt Gerst, haver
Hop Brewers Gold
Additions Chocolade, caramel, zeezout en cacaonibs
Serving tips (°C) 10°C